Moto X launched, first Google/Motorola device

Via The Verge, Motorola/Google launched the Moto X smartphone. So this is the first device from Google after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility.


Nokia Tablet on the way?

Via My Nokia Blog, seems Nokia has a tablet on way or a least they are testing one. The image is one of the many concept on the web, but the site mention some specific features of the tablet.


Chromecast closer to GoogleTV and Android than Chrome OS?

After few days from the Chromecast announcement, the device is been hacked and looks like there is more Google TV and Android than Chrome OS.

This is interested since the device looks like a Google TV for every TV and that might get applications in the near future like Google Glasses.


Kind of Chromecast: Google Cast Chrome extension plays YouTube on GoogleTV

I installed the Google Cast Chrome extension yesterday which many thought, including me, was the Chromecast extension. In any case I was playing around with it today on Chrome and my Sony GoogleTV. To my surprise I was able to connect from YouTube to the GoogleTV to playback videos.

It does not work from Chrome Tab, even though if you are cast something from YouTube some infos appear on the extension button on Chrome, but works fine within YouTube. It allows you to play videos in fullscreen, it does not take over you computer as you just continue to work on other things. Basically you cast YouTube on the GoogleTV. So basically the Chromecast dongle makes any compatible TV a Google Cast device.

Also YouTube on the iPad has the same ability to cast videos to Google TV !

Now I think this was around for sometime but I was not aware until yesterday announcement of Chromecast.


Moto X device? Motorola Google phone

Via Verge, looks like the first images of the announced Moto X are out. This is the first device coming out on August 1st from Motorola/Google.


Google Glass review

Techcrunch has a great review of Google Glass

In this video, we discuss some of the quick assumptions about Glass, warranted or otherwise, and give you a look through the eyes of the device in action. Stepping outside, pulling up an address, replying to an email and listening to the latest NYTimes headlines is a pretty seamless experience. Google calls the technology “calm,” since it doesn’t require you to pull a device out of your pocket, unlock a screen or tap any buttons.”


Video: Nokia Lumia 928

Hands on with the Nokia Lumia 928.