Vodafone cripple my mobile site!!

Today I was able to do some tests on my mobile site and blog from various parts of the world and with different handsets. If you are creating mobile content and have a mobile site it’s important to know how your site/content looks like on different phones.

I spend quite sometime to integrate with WURFL, my mobile site and mobile blog, Flash Lite and more… So today I got the chance to test the mobile site how it looks on a Vodafone UK mobile phone. Why I did this? Because this operator begin to apply a strange practice of reformatting mobile web pages with their custom transcoding!! Here more infos and a nice description here on how they screw up the Wall Street mobile site.
Nice!! Vodafone UK mobile users CANNOT visit my mobile site, they are shown my normal site (BTW, no much content there!! YET!! that’s for another post).

Here is a screenshot and here is the normal site.

So, people are shown the normal site, all the detection with WURFL and other custom coding is useless!! And then they strip out my COPYRIGHTS statement??? WHAT!!! Is this legal?
I cannot imagine what are going through the mobile companies in UK and other places right now. They base their business on detecting a mobile phone. The entire business is based on knowing which handset is accessing your content!!
I will stop here, but someone need to do something!! BTW, this affects Flash Lite too!!

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  1. Vodafone strips the Agent header from the HTTP protocol that’s why WURLF doens’t work. It has been like this for ages, instead of detecting the agent, just add a different url to reach your website specifically for mobile and redirect from there. Why this affect FL as well?

  2. biskero says:

    Ciao Emanuele,

    I know perfectly what is the problem. FL content withing a page does not work because you cannot detect via HTTP which handset is browsing the mobile site and so you cannot display FL content. The match with WURFL db is not working because the HTTP Header is not there anymore. This was not the case until few weeks ago.


  3. biskero says:

    Ciao Emanuele,

    sorry for the weeks, so it’s 4 months which is not ages! :)
    The fact is that they are violating my copyrights !

  4. David Mannl says:


    There are two things you can do. The 1st trick is to map this useragent string:
    “Novarra-Vision” to point to your mobile site.

    The 2nd trick is to get your site white-listed by writing an e-mail to this address:

    And don’t forget if everything goes wrong just read Biskero on Mippin:

    Best regards

    David Mannl

  5. biskero says:

    Ciao David,

    yeap got Mippin and it rocks !!
    Also I knew about the workaround by it really sucks that Voda is doing these things!! Hacking around with HTTP Header is so wrong!!


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